COL Software Ltd.
COL Software Ltd, one of the very best ICT solution provider companies of Bangladesh. With presence in the diverse range of creativity in information technology the name "COL Software Ltd"  is one of the most well recognized and respected names in Bangladesh today.

COL Software LogoWhy COL Software Ltd. as your Outsourcing partner?

>> Successful project management track record in Outsourcing projects
Software tools to help decision making enhancing operational efficiency, improving quality of products, optimization of time, money and other kinds of inputs and effort levels, control over operation, maximization of profitability, business expansion, MIS based intelligence and other such enabling management techniques
>> Dynamic teams with history of rapid, flexible response in an ever-changing environment
>> Superior domain knowledge across industry sectors and countries
>> Robust infrastructure and proven human communication processes withstanding the needs of our global customers
>> Process! Methodology! Predictability! Quality!
>> Scalable enterprise architectures, Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP

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